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E11 Angled Liner Brush: Use for close tightlining of lash line F25 Definer Brush: Use to define and contour with blush, powder or bronzer B40 Brow Brush: Use to fill and shape your brows F27 Buffer Brush: Use to apply and blend liquid or cream foundation for a flawless effect B41 Brushing Wand: Use to straighten lashes and smooth brows F28 Highlight Brush: Use to apply powder highlighter E10 Concealer Perfector Brush: Use as a buff concealer F29 Powder Brush: Use for all over application of both loose and compact mineral powders E12 Shadow Brush: Use to apply powder shadow F30 Contour Brush: Use to contour face to create depths E13 Mini Blender Brush: Use to pinpoint eyeshadow blending, perfect for under the eye area F31 Medium Powder Brush: Use to pinpoint powder to create modern looks L50 Lip Brush: Use to contour lips, for a more polished look F32 Stippling Brush: Use to apply liquid or cream foundation E15 Blender Brush: Use to blend out eyeshadow to create soft lines F33 Blush Brush: Use to apply powder blush E16 Crease Brush: Use to add a little depth to your eyes F34 Mini Buffer Brush: Use to apply and blend liquid or cream foundation in areas such in between eyebrows, around the nose E19 Cream Shadow Brush: Use to apply cream shadows F35 Foundation Brush: Use to apply foundation and other cream products like primer, blush, illuminator, bronzer and concealer E20 Smokey Eye Brush: Use to blend and buff eyeshadow and liner together F36 Mini Powder Brush: Use to apply powders to specific areas such as forehead and cheeks E22 Wing Liner Brush: Use to apply a liquid liner or eyeshadow F37 Easy Buffer Brush: Use for the precise application of liquid or cream foundation into harder to reach contours of the face, such as around the eyes and nose E14 Precise Shadow Brush: Use to apply shadow in smaller areas along the crease F40 Fan Brush: Use to add definition to cheekbones to create a contoured look

F27 Buffer Brush: Use to apply and blend liquid or cream foundation for flawless effect

First, you need to determine what are you going to do today. Are you on a business trip or maybe have a romantic getaway planned? This will help you to decide what kind of makeup you will need to perfect your look for a day or night. Read our BLOGs and we will help you choose the best combinations of brushes. Business makeup: very settle, classic. Beach, Adventure, Sightseeing; all of them require very minimum makeup. Romantic evening: Just look your best self, and make little accents on things like eyes, lips, or cheeks. Night out: Go wild! Look like a star. You can add glitter, highlights or Smokey eyes. Hope this helps you to pick your favourite, most used brushes and keep your cosmetic bag more organized.

Yes. All our brushes are cruelty-free and made of high-quality synthetic materials. All the brushes are professional quality and can be used by professional makeup artists.